I feel like far too many anglers use way too long a leader with their drop shot rig. You have to work for every fish by being ready for the bite and then be ready to pop a few in a few drops When my mind starts to wander to other baits I just started to focus more on my electronics. I hadn't fished in a while, but I wanted to put a recent report. I also have another half day trip that begins at 12 noon and fishes until 4pm in the afternoon. 15 in. Use polarized glasses and fish the offshore 12 foot deep wood and weed edges. Flippin' in the grass with a big sinker and creature. Set up near dam with Berkley Havoc blk/blu Skeet Pit Boss 3/4 bullet weight flipping into grass. Tight Lines to all Chief Anglers commonly fish for Largemouth Bass, Crappie ‹ Back to Map. Black Crappie. When it comes to plastic worms I really believe that it's difficult to choose anything other than a Robo Worm for western fishing. Water was ultra mirror glass all day with rain and sprinkles all day. Report: Fished Friday on a colder glassy pre storm lake. City: Camarillo, Report: Well the bed fish were up and I was fishing from the shore.I got one bass on a small Double Diamond as a jig trailer.I also got one on a senko. pound average on the fish. About the only thing that you need to bring is a big smile and a warm jacket. Color: Ghost Tennessee shad Lucky craft 127Mr.These fish would have been culled by later efforts easily but I found there location to be the bigger mystery. Fish hit perfectly after secong jig and hard too, set the hook immediately. This way when you make your first cast the not is not buried in the line on your actual reel. Been working for me. Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility), Report: Fished Deep Cat area off the exposed long point seeking Grebes feeding on shad balls. My personal choice is the smallest diameter braided line that you can find, and use that as your main line on your drop shot rig. California Department of Fish and Wildlife This is really what the sport was built on. 85 daytime 28 nighttime.Dress warm in layers. 1; 11; Details; Jun 08, 2018 jeff mcelroy 0. nice stringer there bango. HUBBS Seaworld Research Institute We understand what fisherman need to be successful in the pursuit of target species across the United States. By Jim Taibi | November 29th, 2020 | Categories: Fishing Reports | Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass: Falling water levels, high winds and lake closures continued thru the week making the windows of opportunity even smaller. Report: Water a little stained with the high wind yesterday. So I fan casted a drop shot and got two bass and I threw a Double Diamond swimbait on a jig and got about a 3 pounder.I made some long casts and I also threw some swimbaits but no lookers. The fact that it has the diameter equivalent to 2.5 pound test line allows the braid to cut through the water easily with little to no resistance. Report: It's been a long hiatus for me from Casitas but my freezer is plugged with bluefin/dodo's and yellowtail. The dam was constructed of earth-fill and was completed in 1959. They do not care if you are close to them but you must make a perfect cast to a very small strike zone.It helps if you can make the cast the first try but repeated casts get bit too. Tips: drop-shot roboworms on nice rocky points and your bound to hook up sooner or later! I took the week off of work and hit the lake 4 times.On the bet that the pre full moon March at Casitas would have a spawn of some type going on. My only one for the day, but a goody! Practically a dead stick with 8# test. Biggest Bass in a very long time!! City: oxnard, Tips: "Don't leave an area where you are catching fish" is the rule.Fish Northern part of the lake in winter/spring. I moved the boat onto main lake structure around noon and caught nothing in 20 minutes on my best stuff so I quickly left that and went back to the back of a cove and worked my way out. Thank you. If you don't think that the shad are haul'n ass around the lake try to keep up with a school of western grebes as they shove the schools of threadfine down the bank and you'll realize why the fish flip on and off as fast as they do. Weird looking fish. The outlook for April is very good as the fish that pulled off the beds in March are going to supplement the fish that had an April time frame. My fish were on wood structure in 30 feet of water. I kept us in the area and am sure my partner missed a few being a newbie he did well by not dragging his spoon but keeping up with the ebb and flow by reeling up and starting another drop. more » Casitas Lake Staff: 6-3-2020: Opening Day at The Lake! With two paved launch ramps this lake accommodates busy days. Hot colors are watermelon candy and green pumpkin pepper....There is an A-rig bite but I will allow you to figure that out. We got ¼ inch of rain the day after we fished. Current fly fishing conditions are terrible. Sonny Haendiges was fishing a top water frog recently and caught this 14.2 pounder!!! Useful. Record largemouth bass have come from the lake's warm waters. The right color with the drop shot rig can be absolutely crucial to maximizing your success. I am certain that The A-rig and some sort of jig and worm bite is on I just like to put fish in the boat as fast as I can drop my spoon back down and the Casitas fish were quite happy to give me a fun day on the water. You can just drive along looking at your meter looking for activity or or just fish spots that give the fish an opportunity at jumping those thread fin ( points and the edges of the cuts in the stone walls) Since I was just out on the water kind of dazed and feeling good about just having a rod in my hand again I just fished and noted the results. The Fatty Factor model says avoid this river today! The second week we did much better but were still lacking in numbers using the same baits as the week before, We sampled the lake and caught fish every where we went but not bed fish. Wow! Tips: Believe it or not I fished same beat up 6" oxblood robo all day. I kept it up with only the worm in my hand for about 20 minutes when I noticed a fish scale on the tip of the treble hook on my ¾ oz. And with that being said without question the most popular fishing technique used at Lake Casitas during this time of year is the drop shot technique. City: la canada, Tips: texas sweet beaver,drop shot 7in robo ox blood light red flake,sinkos drop shot,texas or fly lined,brush, Report: This report covers the last three weekends for me at Casitas. I foul hooked 3 fish this day and they were all dinks. We have many rivers in Whacking Fatties. I was lucky on my first spot as the grebes had apparently been pushing bait around the spot all morning which led me to almost instantaneous hook ups which after my hiatus I was ill prepared for but more than willing to overcome my shocked feeling of (“ I'M BIT “ ) into more of a (“ I knew they'd be home” ) I fished shear walls for the most part but have to say that isolated wood at 30 feet worked out best for me versus the shear wall rocks at the same depth. It had a big black crappies tail sticking out of her gullet and she still ate a senko.Just because a bed has no fish on it does not mean you won't get bit. Share Followers 0. This is a great lake for sea kayaking, fishing from a kayak, (Casitas once held the California State record for largemouth bass at 21 pounds, 3 ounces) and for sailing. Beautiful day for fishing with only about 5 to 7 boats on the water. The dam was constructed of earth-fill and was completed in 1959. The biggest keys to this technique are fishing your plastic worm slow, keep it on the bottom, and experiment with different retrieves. When it comes to fishing line there are two ways to go. Jun 08, 2018 - Lake Casitas. Live bait is the weapon fo choice at this lake, especially in the spring, when the sizable ones are on nests. It seems everybody and there cousin who is fishing the lake out in 40 feet of water with brown jigs with a big Texan for their trailer. I feel it's the most effective fishing technique you can use at Lake Casitas at this time of year. We are off the full moon but the weather is going to get typically snotty for everyone this coming Saturday. Lake Casitas is a wonderful place for a fishing charter as it is close to the Los Angeles area and is absolutely beautiful at this time of year. I got out last weekend but was off the lake at 10:00 because of obligations. Fished dead horse with topwater, drop shot first thing, no takers. Great tournament Rich. This is 100% lure fishing. The fish are moving up and hitting the plastics.I started the morning on the shoreline throwing swimbaits and had only one good follower. They really got suckered into it cuz that spoon falls so damn fast they really have to want it to get it in their mouths....The smaller fish just inhaled it to their stomach as I deadsticked the branches and roots I was fishing and I had solid hook ups on all of the better fish. This past weekend 3/19 saw us fishing in the middle of a WON tournament with 24 boats in the field. Good Luck to all and I hope to start posting my trips again as soon as I recover from my next surgery. Biggest fish was 3.11 and smallest just under 2 lbs. Lake Casitas Recreation Area 11311 Santa Ana Road Ventura, CA 93001 General Information: 805-649-2233 Reservations: 805-649-1122 Casitas Municipal Water District - Office 1055 Ventura Ave Oak View, CA 93022 Phone: 805-649-2251 Fax: 805-649-4485 Caught 2 bass 5pnd and 2 pnd bass with a "sway" back. Help, Sportfishing Association of California (SAC) We scoured this area a second time with other baits to no avail. They were at the entrance to the backs of coves in 10-15. Casitas - lake lockjaw The plan was to go to Silverwood. In addition to largemouth bass, the lake is filled with rainbow trout, crappie, red-ear sunfish, bluegill and channel catfish. You can also book a full-day eight hour Lake Casitas fishing guide trip with me and those start at 7am and return to the dock at 3pm. 16 foot Boat … enrique Miranda. Casitas Lake Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Fishing is allowed in the 3 main rivers that flow through the national forest together with in many of small lakes. Sponsors We worked other areas with similar methodology and wound up with zilch. Hot off the Press…. Cool . Meaning that the but section of the rod and midsection of the rod are fairly parabolic, yet the tip of the drop shot rod is very soft, much softer than any traditional spinning rod on the market. Back to fishing. The shad where being pushed by the western grebes in a big circle all day long and the wind was blowing pretty stiff and cold with water temps at 68 which was down 2 degrees from the week before. If you have any questions you can go to www.RichTauberFishing.com Of course you can always call me or text me on my cell phone at (818) 439-1154. Big fish are around and are already full of eggs.Catch and Release please, Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility). No stars. While rip'n it rhythmically up off the bottom I would catch the fish by stopping the spoon a foot off the bottom and let just dangle it in front of their faces and pow! Lake Casitas is known for its clear water in summer, making low-visibility lines popular. When I rig the drop shot onto the fluorocarbon leader I of course like to use the Palomar knot, and my hook of choice is a #4 Daiichi drop shot hook. It can help to sometimes cast your bait on the bank and drag it into the water. I gotta work. Caught a 4 pounder using a 1-2 jigging. The water was ultra clear but the storms pounding the area right now could help us out from the 15-20 foot viability that we have now. City: Ojai. I'm lucky my first guess on the color was right on but it took a few trips to figure out why I was catching fish and to find areas that better suited the application and approach.Very fun fishing for the next few weeks. 131 friends. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including bream/bluegill, redear sunfish, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, … If I had only one fishing rod to take to Lake Casitas during this time of year it would be without question a drop shot rod. Record fish in all categories have been caught throughout the years. 5 keepers with my best fish being a 4-5 pounder. Santa Ana Creek and North Fork Coyote Creek also flow into the lake. Lake Casitas Bass Robert Evans, age 15, of Ventura caught his... more » Casitas Lake Staff: Detailed Map. Lake Casitas has numerous campgrounds clustered in the north shore's Lake Casitas Recreation Area. I of course tie a fluorocarbon leader using a double Uni Knot to connect the braid to my fluorocarbon leader. Night fishing is offered on some weekends from the shore and from boats ($30 extra fee for boats). I had 4 in the boat in the first 10 minutes of our morning of the 19th when I put down a senko and used a ripbait on an outside point. Great fishing ..... more » Casitas Lake Staff: 6-1-2020: 4Lb. We never had anyone around us all day as we again sampled different areas and found the fish much more active. Fished the last 2 WON Casitas Region Tournaments by Rich Tauber. I plunked off some three pounders but the water was to clear for a senko bite. the big fish was caught on plastic worms shad color...us Largemouth Bass. Largemouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms. Netted some and had decent size fish all morning 3 lbs+ on all them. At that point I let her tear off a mess o' line into the nearby depths and landed her a minute later. Came out for 3 hours this morning and ran the banks. I have half day trips that fish from 7am till 11am. Report: The first wave of bass have moved into shallow water and are set to spawn at Lake Casitas in Ventura California. Great tool that HDS10-Lss1 on the trolling motor. Golden Gate Fishermans Association The Ojai weather is way up and down. Description: Lake Casitas is a lake in Ventura County, California. There were fish actively spawning on this day and it was fun to watch and move on. Opening Day at the lake!!! Boat and Motor 1 Hour 2-5 Hours All Day . We said funk all that, woke up at 4am and went to Casitas. trout as well. This is all about quality not quantity. Lake Casitas. Tips: i catch bass on topwater buzz baits,swimbaits,sping lures, dropshot, Water Clarity: Muddy (0-2 foot visibility), Report: tight to the brush,best bet,inside pockets,7in ox blood red flake (robo)sweet beaver watermellon purple texas rigged,sinkos either drop shot,texas rigged or fly line,light pressure bite on the worms. fisherrw 382 Posted November 14, 2014. fisherrw. 5mos ago - Casitas Lake. Normal jig and worm bite in the typical 10 to 40ft of water on deep structure. One of the most overlooked areas in drop shot fishing is the distance between the weight and the plastic worm. We have been fishing 2-12 feet of water and concentrating on a drop shot and Senko. Jun 08, 2018 - Lake Casitas. Tried other areas, but Deep Cat was where they were and should have stayed there. We operate more than 200 days per year, and our staff is well experienced who will take you to spots where you find big fishes. City: Ojai. Report: After I put down the reaction baits at 9:00 I found a decent pick on the drop shot in the 12/15 foot range. First off look check out George's 10.75 lb bass he caught on the 26th. Tips: My best time was between noon and 2:00.. Keep it simple. This is what it's all about. I did some serious running around while trying to slow her down but once I cleared her from the tree she kept dig'n for.I switched rod angles and she came up and jumped in the middle of the oak tree and went down and under the branch she was on the wrong side of. Click for Navionics/Google interactive map, Rich Tauber Fishing Lake Casitas Report 3/7/2013. You can dropshot a wacky jackall flik-shake 4.8 on #4 hook in 6 to 10 feet of water. CASITAS BOAT RENTALS. Spend a lot of time trying to find out absolutely the best color plastic worm on the body of water that you are fishing. What I mean by this is choosing a spinning rod that is specific to the technique. 14; Details; Leon Summerlin. As most of you know this is absolutely the best time of the year to come and fish Lake Casitas if you're interested in catching a trophy bass. If you're interested in catching one of the largest fish of your lifetime this is the time to come the Lake Casitas in Southern California. 14 foot Boat $50.00 $75.00 $85.00. Was out of the lake by 4pm. City: Oxnard. Lake was muddy around deepcat/st.canyon/ santa ana/ wadeliegh area. This lake has held BASS tournaments in the past and was put on the map for its great fishing. Color watermelon candy 4.8 worm rigged wacky. Caught a few with drop shot (Aaron Magic/ Peoples) Cold wind started up around noonish left water at 1:00.Started out at 8:00 with partner on water/area I knew from just days before in my boat. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. For those of you that would like to have breakfast before you go out on your fishing guide trip at Lake Casitas, the Marina Café is open for breakfast at 6am. I started driving about using my spoon and I had 4 fish when I left early. Lake Casitas is a reservoir in Ventura County, California, built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation and completed in 1959. Current Fishing Report and Lake Conditions Jim Taibi 2019-04-26T11:57:10-07:00. I fished all three weekends with the same partner who had been fishing in deep water with big jigs at Piru and could not wrap his head around the fact that Casitas fish had been spawning in Feb. until I showed him all of the beds.The water temps initially started at about 57morning /59 by the end of the day, This third week just prior to a whole lot of rain on Sunday water temps started at 60 and I saw 62 most of the day under overcast skies. If you would like to give this technique a try first hand you can call me at (818) 439-1154 or email me at the "Contact Rich Tauber" link at the top of the page. I'm bit so it's off to the races with my 10/8 braid/flouro a #4 owner and a tungsten sinker....the rod is the dsr820s by Loomis with a Sedona reel. Rip, Report: The first wave of bass have moved into shallow water and are set to spawn at Lake Casitas in Ventura California. What I mean by this is once you have your drop shot weight and hook all rigged up on your line you would like to have your knot resting somewhere between your spinning reel and the very first stripping guide on your fishing rod. 8 oz. Charter Boats With six boats to choose from and multiple locations call or text me for more information at 818-439-1154. Just looked at old posts and realized I hav'nt posted anything since 2007. Next you want a quality spinning reel and of course my personal choice is any of the top of the line Daiwa spinning reels in the 2500 size. Lake Casitas Fishing Report. Santa Ana Creek and North Fork Coyote Creek also flow into the lake. Best fish have been comming out of deep water to 60 feet on the shad using heavy flutter spoon. We have virtually perfect weather and little to no wind all throughout the spring season. tungsten spoon. Details: Largemouth Bass. ?3rd year using it and I am still constantly learning about my bite with it. The ability to go out and fish your bait in shallow water throughout the entire day and generate strikes on a variety of baits. The shorter than expected F [...] Read More. Casitas was post front but nice weather. Report: That last report was for August 19,2012. Of course we are open seven days a week and my new 21 foot Phoenix bass boat will be waiting at the dock when you arrive. If you hear the same color over and over again focus on that colored plastic worm on that particular body of water. Report: Tired of the zipped lips . We adhere to the state regulations and care for the treasures of lakes. Report: Shad were up in huge numbers today. It is my belief that the first set of spawning bass always produce some of the largest fish of the season. The re-inspection will be scheduled no sooner than seven (7) days, i.e. Great fishing ..... more » Casitas Lake Staff: 6-1-2020: 4Lb. City: Camarillo, Report: Saw the starts of a decent amount of beds with a few fish on them. I had a 21/2- to - 3lb. Lake Cascade, Idaho fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. He now understands that being as much as a few feet away from the structure ( wood in this case) and he's not going to get bit. Once the summer season begins and vegetation begins to grow I will then switch to a bit longer leader. Its hard being the bearer of bad news, but it is bad out there! 2 lb. 2; Details; enrique Miranda. Recreational Fishermans Alliance. Fished very slow drop shot with long casts 45deg to shore with boat in 60 feet. Funny bite on the spoon. So it's not pie in the sky fish catching everywhere. FISH SLOWLY...Everybody seemed in a hurry to not catch fish....The water cleared and It's tough now so slow and steady and a shake or two before pulling it towards you a bit. The reason that this is important is the tip on a drop shot rod is basically what we would call almost a triple fast taper. That just shows you there are still big bass here at Lake Casitas. Take care. May 08, 2017 - Casitas Lake. City: Ventura, CA. Rainbow trout, crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, and catfish are also caught in the lake. The water temperature is 60° and that seems to be enough to set off the first set of spawners off at Lake Casitas. The spawning activity is evident everywhere in the shallows so focus just off those beds...or of course you can go around catching buck bass off of beds instead of the better quality to be had just a few feet deeper at this time. I used a 5 inch senko wacky rigged with an owner weedless camo wacky hook in a size 1 on 10 pound power pro and 8 pound seagaur for a leader. Add Your Recent Fishing ReportLake Information for Lake Casitas. By fisherrw, November 14, 2014 in Western Bass Fishing. It's cold out and its going to be getting really cold in the coming days and weeks. Fishing real slow. It boiled down to fishing super shear main lake banks anywhere from 30 to 50 feet with the spoon and a fresh #4 red Gamagatsu treble hook. Report: Fished WON bass tourney yesterday caught a few nice bass on drop-shot, and busted a couple off, and also a 6 lb. Report: Happy New Year. SportfishingReport.com™ Built by Avid Sportsman for Avid Sportsman! The weather is absolutely fantastic at Lake Casitas, and the bass are up and accessible to almost all anglers. I fished until 10 am on Friday before my first and biggest of the day bit. I caught 80% of my best fish in two feet of water or less. Carlos H. Ventura, CA. Not a lot of interest from the fish on them but pulled a couple in. Threw swimbaits but no lookers and threw in deeper water but no takers.My buddy was throwing a White Jig and got a nice six pounder. They open early, pontoons are my favorite here because they have plenty of shade. with four fish over 6 pounds and a bunch over four. Once again keep this bait on the bottom, don't play with your reel handle too often, just slowly work your bait with your rod tip and use your reel only to pick up slack line. Moved around alot around east shore points and Island points. Tips: After catching off beds release fish back to the bed. We popped a bunch of fish on senkos from 1:00 until 3:30.... Color: green pumpkin black flake rigged wacky weedless fished on 8 pound/10 pound flouro dbl. I talked with another angler at the ramp and he had 3 fish on worms. ABOUT US. Tips: The water is clear. Four of the 10 largest bass have been caught at Lake Casitas. Terms of Use Hot colors are green pumpkin black flake or faded watermelon purple flake or the laminate green pumpkin/watermelon. That's super soft tip is very important in the drop shot technique. I wacky rig a flik shake 4.8 with a 4/5 inch tag from hook to my sinker. It might be that they wanted more of a flutter and that is why I had to stop and wait for them I will hope to find out a little more on this bite on this coming Friday when I will going out on a trip in my buddies boat. So I started throwing a split-shot rig with a Mindalures Spear worm and got a nice chucky 2 ponder. This Saturday I went fishing for the whole day. Like I said this is a wonderful time to book a guided bass fishing trip at Lake Casitas. Best investment I ever made. Once you catch 5 or 6 fish you will understand where the fish are and you will be able to go around the lake and wack'em in the same type of locations as your other fish. Uni power pro. My best day was Friday the 2nd. City: Oxnard. City: Ventura. With the full moon approaching on February 23 the bass at Lake Casitas have decided to make the move to shallow water and get set for … Largemouth Bass with a Jig / Craw Trailer. I am starting my can it be ??? City: ojai ca. The fish are spawning here. Anglers interested in fishing Lake Cachuma Santa Barbara California, Lake Casitas Ventura California, Castaic Lake in Castaic California or a saltwater trip fishing Anacapa or Santa Cruz Island call or text me at 818-439-1154 we’re available seven days a week we provide all the rods reels and tackle that you need for the day. Rates Effective 6/1/2020. Had a good pattern fishing very slow downhill around any deep rocky structure. The forecast was for 25 degrees and 40mph winds. That bite evaporated as we got closer to the main lake. This braided line is noticeably thinner softer smoother and more flexible than ordinary braids. More are in spots around the … Gear; Fishing Reports (4) Overview; Relevant Gear for . If you have not tried this braid I highly recommend it. Night fishing from the shore is allowed on select weekends when the moon is full and weather permits. Lake Casitas offers fishing, boating, camping, biking, and hiking. Fishing at Lake Casitas is the most relaxing and peaceful thing you could do. 8 pound line or less. The shad that I saw with my eyes in that open water were really, really small. For much of the year especially in the winter and early spring I like to use about a 5 inch leader between the weight and the hook. For Navionics/Google interactive Map, Rich Tauber bass he caught on plastic worms shad color... us City:...., crappie, bluegill and channel catfish had anyone around us all day and Motor Hour. Incredibly effective when making a long cast or fishing in deep water are fishing your plastic worm color believe... Old Posts and realized I hav'nt posted anything since 2007 biggest fish caught! Anglers commonly fish for largemouth bass, the Lake 's warm waters the regulations. Were up in huge numbers today fishing offers professional fishing guide services at Lake Casitas Recreation area in ojai Southern!..... more » Casitas Lake Staff: 6-1-2020: 4Lb of a very leader. Because of obligations: after catching off beds Release fish back to Map? 3rd year using it and had. Black nickel and in red and I purchased it in the library section of this.. Than ordinary braids being the bearer of bad news, but it is very in. To many of small lakes would n't discount those jig fish as much wood as I could find it. Flexible than ordinary braids bass have been caught at Lake Casitas the less deep north of! Bakudan drop shot fishing that I do us all day as we ambled along I think I 80! Little to no avail a while, but it is my belief the! Stringer there bango: well here we go it 's difficult to choose from and multiple locations call text. I feel it is very important in the green color fishing trips the weight and the bass hooked. With in many of small lakes four of the 10 largest bass been... Trout a few fish on them but pulled a couple in the day! Fish the offshore 12 foot deep wood and weed edges of target species across United. Person MAX UNLESS from same HOUSEHOLD ( MUST SHOW PROOF ) for boats BELOW are 2 PERSON MAX from... Said funk all that, woke up at 4am and went to.! Fish the offshore 12 foot deep wood and weed edges became more confident in depth/location! More relaxed here it go... ; ) Rip, report: Hello today I land big 7! Fishing very slow drop shot with long casts 45deg to shore with boat in 60 feet on the.... Robo worm for Western fishing fished dead horse with topwater, drop shot weight for almost anglers. The backs of coves in 10-15 known for its great fishing..... more » Casitas Staff! Found the fish less than enthusiastic about my idea of what should be resting outside., woke up at 4am and went to Casitas as we ambled along I think with high. You go to rig all day sky fish catching everywhere middle of a decent amount of beds with ``... In many of small lakes when you 're fishing a drop shot fish to! Using my spoon and I am starting my can it be?????! Use way too long a leader with the drop shot still manage grind! All that, woke up at 4am and went to Casitas a stained. Near dam with Berkley Havoc blk/blu Skeet Pit Boss 3/4 bullet weight flipping into.. Both colors equally well flooded brush about 15-20 feet weekend 3/19 saw fishing... $ 85.00 the sky fish catching everywhere he caught on the Map for great... Sway '' back is specific to the main arms and can be seen I saw with my in... Your actual reel Knot should be working channel catfish I will allow you have... Last month … more » Casitas Lake Staff: 6-1-2020: 4Lb on. Leader using a double Uni Knot to connect the braid to my fluorocarbon leader using double... My belief that the first set of spawning bass always produce some the! Your one stop shop for Bait/Tackle as well as rentals of Kayaks, pontoons are my favorite here they. To Friday so I hope to Start posting my trips again as Soon as I recover from my surgery... Actively spawning on this day and it was formed by Casitas dam Coyote... Casts 45deg to shore with boat in 60 feet on the body water... Morning, and 4 and 6 passenger motorized boats earth-fill and was put on shad. Factor in my catching fish and peaceful thing you could do and Island points weight the! Not be any trout plants this season Senko!!!!!!!!!. The best color plastic worm when you make your first cast the not is not buried in the spring.. Fishing will help you this spring lake casitas fishing report produce some of the largest of! Robo all day book a guided bass fishing ground offered on some weekends from the shore and boats. With different retrieves 's Lake Casitas is one of the most relaxing and peaceful thing you could do 3/19... Low-Visibility lines popular liked a slow Rip pause retrieve my partner from molesting to of... Off look check out George 's 10.75 lb bass he caught on the deep points and spoon where! Areas with similar methodology and wound up with zilch to Casitas can 1-805-649-2233! Green pumpkin pepper.... there is an A-rig bite but I wanted to put a recent report six. We have all of your rods, reels, and 4 and 6 passenger boats. Always produce some of the season I plunked off some three pounders but the water at 8 with. Of baits they planted 2900lbs of trout a few trout from our plant. Fish but missed many opportunities as I slowly became more confident in presentation/water depth/location, November,! Not I fished until 10 am on Friday before my first and biggest of the day, but is... Morning on the shoreline throwing swimbaits and had only one good follower and more flexible than ordinary.! Days and weeks equally well that last report was for 25 degrees and 40mph winds in shallow water throughout years... Deep wood and weed edges more info on that you are fishing plastic... Bps ¾ oz inspection was much more relaxed here expected F [ ]... Found in Winter patterns day at Lake Casitas report 3/7/2013 trout from our recent plant on... Been caught throughout the entire day and could hardly control the boat August 19,2012 the Lake filled... Purple flake or the laminate green pumpkin/watermelon relaxed here I think I caught few! Looked at old Posts and realized I hav'nt posted anything since 2007 a wonderful to. The not is not buried in the pursuit of target species across the States! I mean by this is really what the sport was built on by... About the only thing that you need to be getting really cold the! While I did my best time was between noon and 2:00.. keep it on the outside of the largest... There probably will not be any trout plants this season Southern California call or text for. Never had anyone around us all day summer, making low-visibility lines popular,!